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Attorney H. Scott Hecker was first licensed to practice in the state of Florida in 1986. In the year 1988, the Law Offices of H. Scott Hecker P.A. were established. Mr. Hecker limits his practice to criminal defense in both State court and Federal court. Since 1988, the Law Offices of H. Scott Hecker have handled over 5,000 different criminal matters.

When you need a strong defense by an aggressive attorney, or you need a relentless negotiator by your side, Scott Hecker is the attorney you want to hire.

Areas of Practice

Arrest Warrants and Extradition

Did you miss a court date on a traffic ticket? Did you skip out on a bond? Did you commit a crime in another state and never return? Did you leave the country while you had pending charges?

If any of the above applies to you, Attorney Scott Hecker can help you. Motions can be filed with the court to lift warrants, to have bonds established, and sometimes to have charges dismissed because of their age.

You need an experienced attorney to help you through this complicated process. Scott Hecker has been practicing for 30 years in the state of Florida and is familiar with the procedure necessary to vacate these warrants.

Federal Sentence and a State Violation of Probation Hold, Detainer
Have you been sentenced federally while you still had pending state charges? If you have, and the State lodges a detainer against you, your classification can be affected. Your ability to go to a halfway house may be eliminated by this detainer.

In certain circumstances, the detainer can be lifted and in most circumstances the state charges can be dismissed or disposed of without the necessity of a court appearance.

Attorney Scott Hecker has been practicing in both State and Federal courts for 30 years and can assist you in lifting this detainer.

Drug Defense

Florida has many laws concerning possession and use of drugs, from misdemeanor marijuana charges to the more serious trafficking in cocaine or heroin. A plea to a drug charge, whether misdemeanor or felony, can have dramatic effects on your driver’s license, your ability to rent an apartment, and your ability to maintain any state licenses. Often there are legal defenses that can be raised to automobile stops, search warrants, and other police activities. Attorney Scott Hecker has filed more than 200 motions to suppress illegally obtained evidence.

Violation of Probation

Often in the State of Florida, first-time offenders are offered probation. Probation comes with many rules and regulations that must be strictly adhered to. For example, if you are requested to appear in one hour at your probation offices to provide a urine sample, you can not refuse to go, nor can you be late. That would be a violation of probation. If you were required to pay restitution and have not done so, even if you have been unable to obtain employment, that would be a violation of probation. And, of course, any new arrest for any charge would be a violation of probation.

All of the above would require the judge to issue a warrant for your arrest and you would be held with no bond pending your first appearance. You need an attorney that can help you through this problem smoothly and with little disruption. Scott Hecker has handled more than 1,000 violation of probation cases, many of them through a final hearing with great success.

Domestic Violence

Next to driving offenses such as DUI and DWLS, people’s most interaction with the criminal system is through a domestic violence charge. A wife, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, or even someone you’re just dating casually can file a petition for the protection against domestic or dating violence and completely disrupt your life. For instance, if this individual lives with you, and even if you own the home, you can be required to move out. If you own any firearms, you will be required to surrender them either to the local police or a relative because you may not possess firearms while you are out on bond for domestic violence. You may be required to wear an electronic monitor on your ankle and be restricted in your movements by restraining or stay-away orders.

You need an experienced attorney to be by your side and aggressively represent your interests against these charges and provide you with an effective defense. Scott Hecker is that attorney.

Other Areas:

  • DUI – Driving Under the Influence
  • DWLS – Driving While License Suspended
  • Grand Theft
  • Robbery
  • Burglary
  • Trafficking in Narcotics
  • All charges related to firearms

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